What time will the van arrive?

We usually inform our customers that the vehicles will arrive on the removal day between 8– 9am, this gives our crew time to load the vehicles in the morning with the correct materials, and then get to your property ready to load up. If you are having a pack service the day prior then the timings are a little more flexible because there is no pressure so we usually say around 9am but you can dictate the times for packing. If the move is over multiple days then usually its best to speak to our sales team and find out the plan.

Are my goods insured in storage?

Your goods will be insured by our Goods In Storage insurance. We offer our insurance free of charge!

What if my Wardrobe/Sofa is too big for the new property?

Our trained staff will do there absolutely best for you, if an item of furniture is too large for the new property, and by using specialised sofa covers we can manoeuvre sofas through tight door ways with the covers taking all the pressure rather than the sofas or the walls. If an item is too large but you would like them to try and move it, but my team feel damage could be caused then they will ask you to sign a waiver sheet before move the item in to the property because if damaged is caused and we advised you that the item does not fit then we cannot be liable.


I am very particular, do you offer a higher level of service?

The answer to this is yes, although we treat every customer and every move with the greatest of respect we do offer a Platinum service. The Platinum service includes an onsite FOREMAN, who will be present for the duration of the move, he will be your point of contact, and ensure that everything is running smoothly, and be in charge of the move from start to finish. Please speak with our manager regarding this service.

I have a room full of boxes, what shall I do with them?

If you have moved within the local area we would be more than happy to arrange a box collection to collect the flat pack boxes when you have finished unpacking. If you have moved long distance then I would recommend calling a local removal company to see if they want them for free, or disposing of them yourself. We re-use the cardboard for protecting furniture on our international moves, and give some to local charities or businesses, and if they are in good condition we can re-use them ourselves.

Will you empty my loft?

Removal Companies are not insured to enter lofts, although we are happy to do so if requested but on the understanding that we are not insured for damage to goods / person / ceilings, and if the loft is not boarded out then our staff have the right to refuse assistance and they would have the backing of the office. Please ensure that if we help that all flooring is boarded out and there is sufficient lighting and ladders for entry.

Where are my goods stored? Is it dry and secure?

Confidential and secure, we provide cost effective storage for home, business or leisure. All our units are clean, dry and well lit in a modern and purpose-built facility. Your goods are stored inside our secure CCTV operated storage facility. The self-storage containers have doors with padlocks because the general public have access during the days.



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